The Battle Arena

We have developed an urban warfare zone in Central Milton Keynes.

Teams operate from one of two Forward Operating Bases, each with underground trenches and an open Fire-Zone to the front. Beyond the Fire-Zone, each team has a maze of buildings – some with solid walls, some with windows. The centre of the Battle Arena features No-Mans-Road – only the brave attempt to cross the road without covering fire from their team-mates.

  • Two Forwarding Operating Bases
  • Underground Trenches
  • Open Fire Zones
  • Urban Mazes
  • No Mans Road
  • Large Safe Zone

The Battle Arena also features a large safe zone for spectators and those players who have used up all their lives!

The Zone


Map Coming Soon

This 3D map of the zone shows you the creativity of the Platoon Laser Team. From scratch we have developed a Battle Arena that works in all of our different mission scenarios.


  • Firezone¬†
    An open area where snipers and other troops have a clear line of sight allowing them top easily pick off anyone attempting to cross the area.
  • Forward Operating Base
    Each Team starts missions from their FOB. Any troops who lose a life, have to return to their FOB to activate any additional lives (each mission has a set number of lives per player).
  • Domination Box
    The Domination Box is used for the Domination Mission. Teams have to approach the box and shoot into it at a close range to take control. Control is indicated by the coloured LED lights. The box records control duration and announces the winning team at the end of the Mission.